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Boob Science Fast Bangs

Eva Notty is a hairstylist with a lot of style and a chestful of big, beautiful tits in Boob Science Fast Bangs. Mandy (Daphne Rosen) has brought her two geeks, Dexter and Sheldon, to the Fast Bangs salon for a cut n' blow. And she's not kidding around! The two nerds need all the help they can get hooking up with the ladies, a situation that Mandy wants to correct. She has the salon girls take Dexter away for a sprucing and introduces Sheldon to the beautiful girl known as sex on heels at Fast Bangs, the lovely and stacked Eva Notty. Eva eyes the nervous nerd up and down hungrily. "Now, this is my newest project, Sheldon," Mandy informs Eva as Sheldon awaits his fate in the chair. "He, ah, needs a little style to help him with the ladies." That Mandy. Always thinking of others. "I'll give him a little trim, a little blow," Eva promises in a sultry voice that can melt titanium. "Um, I'd like a little trim here, and here," Sheldon says. "I'll give you a trim, if you give me a facial… Read More »
Featuring: Eva Notty
Duration: 19:06

Member Comments

10 months ago 

Fucking hell and wow just love this hot video showing sex mad stunning voluptuous Eva spurring and getting a real fast furious fucking from a young stud Sheldon sending her into sexual ecstasy and orgasmic heaven, Eva your a superb slut and an exceptional beautiful porn star that I wish to see more off, please Eva let's see you in erotic hardcore video at least once a fortnight if possible, I would really appreciate it, thankyou.

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