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You know her, you luv her. Eva Notty, 2010 SCORE Model of the Year, is a hot brunette who entered these Hallowed Halls of Hooters in basically the traditional way, which is to say the ladder approach, rung by rung. Depending on your point of view, this can be a good thing for a new model to do, especially if she plans on modeling for several years. Eva's first four appearances were, in order: two solos, followed by getting massaged by man-hands and then doing a Tits & Tugs scene which is what many girls who don't want to do full-sex on camera will do (like Janet Jade and Valory Irene). Eva waited a bit before deciding to try a full-on boy-girl XXX session. As noted when she did the deed, "This babe loves to fuck and she's got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! She's not a sex machine, she's a sex goddess!" A sexy hairstylist scene in the parody movie Boob Science was her next hardscore experience. A year and a half later, Eva returned to try more hardscore including a threesome with… Read More »
Featuring: Eva Notty
Date: February 28th, 2024
Duration: 23:26

Member Comments

So beautiful; so hot; I just luv Eva Notty!!!

I am gonna beat off hard to this

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