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Sex It To Me!

In 2004, beautiful, tall and sexy Eva Notty (pronounced Ehv-a) posed for a Naughty Neighbors photo shoot, and that was the last we heard from her until 2009 when Eva was encouraged to send her pictures to by a friend of hers who's a SCORE fan. He's a friend of all tit men now, too for recommending SCORE. Recently Eva Notty unfroze Santa's north pole with the greatest of ease in the SCOREtv Holiday Edition on SCORELAND. She can do anything! Taking the inspiration from one of the SCORE sites called BigTitHooker, Eva's a hot escort in "Sex It To Me!" It's taken you months to arrange a date with her and when Eva finally shows up at your place in a mesh body suit, your expectation and your build-up is so high, you're just about ready to explode before anything even starts. But no worries. Eva knows how to wind you down just a notch to prevent that until later, and at the same time, she knows exactly how to start you up in her own special way. In her low, soothing, cooing,… Read More »
Featuring: Eva Notty
Date: February 21st, 2024
Duration: 25:31

Member Comments

1 month ago 

Absolutely the best SCORE model and terrific POV!

Classic Notty! So Beautiful, So Hot...

Eva is just amazing ! So hot!!! Sexy! Great video ! ❤️😜


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