coming soon: Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure

Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure

This was a big moment for SCORE Model of the Year Eva Notty. And why is that? "Because I got to fucky-fucky with my friend Sarah Satori," Eva says. Eva and her sexy BBF (Big Boobed Friend) Sarah are breast friends. Bosom buddies. They love smooching, sucking on each other's perky nipples, and licking and flicking their rosebuds. They're so tight, you couldn't slide a sheet of paper between them. Eva wanted to bring Sarah to SCORE and get it on for SCORELAND Guys. Yes, Eva is also into girls. The right girls. Girls as sexy as she is. "I really love cock but if it's a woman, I'm really picky," Eva explained. "I like her to be the dominant one," says Sarah. "That's why she gets to be on top." This girl-sandwich needs some man-meat once the girls have revved their engines. Three is not company. It's the #1 male fantasy in the world and our two sex bombs mean to deliver the goods in Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure!

Member Comments

1 year ago 

This sexual adventure has to win the award for Eva's best photo shoot of the year, a terrific ménage a trois, showing Eva and her best friend and sapphic lover Sarah revelling in the pansexual pleasures and being joined in feverish fornication fun with a super stud, sexy cancer women feel most good when getting nude and in being lewd at the same time, 90 naughty explosive pics of them sharing his cock and taking turns in being fucked with a strap on and then the real thing, the atmosphere is electric blue and they seem to be consumed with sheer lust for each others sensual bodies, that gets me jerking off, please let's see more scenes like these as they are a real turn on.

2 years ago 

Sarah Satori

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